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We selected the finest pianos from around the world to provide our clients with an excellent palette of tonal colors to choose from.
C. Bechstein grand piano in a city apartment
Top view of C. Bechstein piano keys
Zimmermann upright piano
Close-up of W. Hoffmann piano plate
Bechstein logo
Bechstein pianos are from Germany and offer a rich, warm, and expressive tone. They boast a strong dynamic range and great control of both delicate and lively pieces. W. Hoffmann pianos by Bechstein offer a similar European sound.
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Yamaha logo
Yamaha pianos from Japan offer a balanced and versatile sound, with a powerful bass and clear treble. The touch is smooth and responsive, perfect for a variety of playing styles and musical genres. Yamaha is also a leader in musical innovation, offering a range of digital and hybrid pianos.
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Yamaha grand piano in concert hall
Yamaha upright piano with mahogany finish in a home
Cropped view of Yamaha baby grand piano in an apartment
Close-up of soundboard of a Yamaha grand piano
Mason & Hamlin grand piano in factory showroom
Mason & Hamlin upright piano in  vintage apartment
Piano player's view of keys and strings of a Mason & Hamlin grand piano
Musician writing a song at his piano
Bechstein logo
Mason & Hamlin pianos, made in the USA, provide a balanced sound with rich warm tones, clear treble, and full bass. The touch is responsive and satisfying, featuring carbon fiber, epoxy resin, and stainless steel components for ultimate durability.
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