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Nothing saps your creativity and skill like playing an instrument you don’t love.

Experienced pianists understand the struggle of having to play on an instrument they know isn't up to their skill level. You know what a great piano sounds like and how it feels to play. With a sub-par piano, it's harder than ever for you to unlock your potential and make beautiful music. If you've outgrown your current piano, you know how hard it is to play your best when you know the piano is just not right for you.

Having the wrong piano can lead to:

  • Feeling uninspired and stuck
  • A piano that doesn't sound great in your space
  • Being embarrassed by your old piano
  • Feeling like you’re cheating yourself out of a great piano
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Level up in sound and performance!

Unleash your creativity with the perfect piano! An experienced player knows the importance of having a piano that perfectly suits their playing style, sounds heavenly in their space, and looks simply stunning. Revel in beautiful sound and perfect action - and why not? With an instrument that matches your own unique style, unparalleled tone, and stunning looks, you can bring every note alive with joy.
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We selected the finest pianos from around the world to provide our clients with an excellent palette of tonal colors to choose from.
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Bechstein pianos are from Germany and offer a rich, warm, and expressive tone. They boast a strong dynamic range and great control of both delicate and lively pieces. W. Hoffmann pianos by Bechstein offer a similar European sound.
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Yamaha pianos from Japan offer a balanced and versatile sound, with a powerful bass and clear treble. The touch is smooth and responsive, perfect for a variety of playing styles and musical genres. Yamaha is also a leader in musical innovation, offering a range of digital and hybrid pianos.
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Mason & Hamlin pianos, made in the USA, provide a balanced sound with rich warm tones, clear treble, and full bass. The touch is responsive and satisfying, featuring carbon fiber, epoxy resin, and stainless steel components for ultimate durability.

Family owned & operated with over 35 years working with pianos —

We understand how paralyzing it is to struggle with uncertainty in this important decision. This is why we’ve helped thousands of people find the right piano at the right price. We’ve been in the piano business for over 35 years and have developed a method to match people with the perfect piano for their home and playing needs.
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Just some of the places we've put pianos:


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Using a process we’ve developed for over 35 years, we’ll match you with the best piano for you.


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Yamaha Institutional Solutions Group

We are proud to have qualified to represent and partner with Yamaha Institutional Solutions Group.

The needs and applications of piano products vary from one University to another. Whether a school is looking for a single concert piano, pianos for classrooms, faculty studios, and practice rooms, or a State-of-the-Art Piano Lab, we are here to assist your institution.

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A good portion of my studio business depends on having a world-class piano. Dave not only supplies me with just that, but maintains it to the complete satisfaction of some very discerning clients. He is a true pleasure to work with.

-Ric Probst
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