Choose the Best Spot for Your Piano

February 20, 2023
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Want to make the most of your piano-playing experience? It starts with finding a prime spot for your instrument. Finding the perfect place for your acoustic or digital piano can affect everything from sound quality, to how comfortable you feel when performing, to how well-suited it is for any specific needs you may have. Read this article to learn more about choosing the best spot for your piano and why that might just make all the difference in taking your pianistic skills up a notch! Still, with varying layouts and space constraints, it can be difficult to find the ‘perfect spot’ for your piano. Hopefully, these few tips may assist:

1. Where will it be used the most?
Many unwisely place their piano where it doesn’t interfere w/ the furniture. How sad. On occasion, we see a piano that is an ‘afterthought’, tucked away in a corner, in a downstairs rec room, or in a sunroom! Pick a location that does not have many distractions and noise or is near a high-traffic walkway. Lease ample space for the bench, and an easy pathway to get to it.

2. Keep a safe distance!
As a general rule, pianos should never be placed in direct sunlight, even if it’s just a short period each day. Sunlight ‘superheats’ the finish and causes the moisture content in the woods to sporadically fluctuate. This will damage your instrument and significantly shorten its serviceable life. Consider curtains and/or shades to mitigate the adverse effects.

3. Vertical or Grand?
Placements will depend on the type of piano you own. A vertical piano (console, studio, or upright styles) is intended to fit with the back a couple of inches from the wall. Are there empty wall spaces between windows? If not, placing the piano at a 45-degree angle in a corner can be pleasing.

A grand piano looks the best if the curved treble side is exposed toward the middle of the room and its spine or straight bass side is toward a wall. This configuration will also enable the lid to open toward the room as a stage grand piano lid opens toward the audience.

4. Contact an expert.
Many homeowners leave the placement decision of their piano to their interior design consultant. It has been entertaining to us over the years as we see the inventive solutions some designers who have never seen or played the piano in their life imagine. For the best placement of your piano in your home, we will be happy to assist you. Just bring in a floor plan or pictures of your space for a free space analysis.