What makes a good piano go out of tune?

February 20, 2023
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If you own a piano, chances are you’ve been through the scenario of wondering why it’s gone out of tune. All pianos go out of tune over time for two primary reasons: environmental changes and mechanical wear. We’ll explore some lesser-known factors that contribute to tuning instability, as well as ways to ensure your instrument remains in top condition. Read on for more details on what causes a good piano to go off-key!

There are 2 primary things that can cause a good piano to go out of tune.

  1. How it was played. If a piano is played hard where the keys or the hammers all strike the strings harder than in normal play that will cause it to go out of tune.
    But more than just playing the piano –
  2. The environment is probably the primary cause of having a good piano go out of tune. A concert instrument illustrates this on a stage. It may need to be tuned twice a day or three times a day. When Dave Hulbert services a very expensive concert brand it will be more out of tune than the same quality, same model in someone’s home that he might only service once a year. That is because the environment changes hourly from stage lights to overhead doors being opened up when it’s hot or cold or the humidity is higher or lower or the piano being moved from one area of the stage to off stage where it might be in a differently controlled climate.